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Due diligence

On request, we conduct a comprehensive legal due diligence audit of the company or individual agreements, documents, etc. operations.

A comprehensive audit of the company include:

  • Audit history of the enterprise: an analysis of registration, privatization, enterprise restructuring, analysis of statutory documents, corporate regulations, analysis of corporate transformation (changing composition of participants, the sale of shares or shares), and check the history of the general meeting, their legitimacy and legality of decisions, etc.;

  • audit of corporate structure and management: an analysis of the internal structure of the company, documents regulating the activities of business units, the analysis of control systems, power management bodies for their compliance with the law;

  • HR Audit: analysis of personnel records entered into employment agreements (contracts), job descriptions, internal labor provisions and regulations, other personnel documentation;

  • Real Estate Audit: examination of documents, contracts, privatization documents, analysis and assessment of possible risks;

  • audit commercial activities: test of contractual work, the analysis concluded contracts, check the powers of the parties to conclude agreements, analysis of risks of non-contractual obligations, verification of legality and availability of appropriate licenses and permits, etc.;

  • Audit of individual cases, operations, regulations, etc..

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